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Southwood Automotive Services

(587) 352-9990
Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
11029 Elbow Drive SW

Southwood Automotive is a community based automotive shop that is owned and operated locally. Opening in 2012, Southwood Automotive has operated in this location for 5 years, it has a loyal customer base and the staff has a combination of over 60 years' experience in the Calgary area in automotive repair. At Southwood Automotive, we strive to be your approachable, reliable and affordable automotive repair facility. Customer service is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to be a place where everybody feels welcome. We offer a safe, convenient and comfortable atmosphere for all of our customers, along with complimentary shuttle service if required!

A Little Book Store and a National Resolve
Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation for the Second World War. The poster was intended to raise the morale of the British public, threatened with widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities. Although 2.45 million copies were printed the poster was hardly ever publicly displayed and was little known until a copy was rediscovered in 2000 at Barter Books, a bookshop in Alnwick. It has since been re-issued by a number of private companies, and has been used as the decorative theme for a range of products. Keep Calm and Carry On is the Southwood Automotive motto. Select the image to see the story.
Meet The Southwood Automotive Team
Nic Tye, Owner: Silverstone Automotive Management Services Ltd.
Nic has lived and worked in SW Calgary since 1979. Arriving from England as a fully qualified Journeyman Mechanic, He completed the required exams and Nic became a qualified Journeyman Motor Mechanic in Canada. Living in Braeside he started working as an engine rebuilder for Alberta Chrome and Grinding a job he stayed at until 2001. In fact two 1930's era Fords, which he rebuilt the engine's, are located in Southwood. Since 2001 Nic operated, in a management position, set up and ran other repair shops in SW Calgary finally opening Southwood Automotive in 2012.
Emma Tye, Service Adviser & Daughter to Nic.
Emma was born and raised right here in Calgary and has lived here her whole life, predominantly in the SW with her older sister Jenny and dad Nic. With Nic being her dad, Emma grew up around the automotive industry and always got to see a more behind the scenes look into the industry. Emma worked at Good Earth Café for almost 8 years but then was offered a position at Southwood Automotive, although only knowing a bit about the industry she said yes and became a part of the team in 2013.
Da Chanh Danh, Journeyman Technician
Da moved to Canada from Vietnam in 2000, working on scooters and farm equipment back home Da knew he wanted to be a mechanic. In 2007 he began his studies in automotive and in 2009 he attended SAIT and started his journey into becoming a Journeyman Technician. In March 2014 Da became an employee at Southwood Automotive as a 4th year apprentice completing his Journeyman Certification (with Red Seal) in December 2014. Da enjoys the challenges of diagnostics and electrical work making him an excellent fit at Southwood Automotive.
Marley, Southwood Automotive Mascot
Marley is owner, Nic Tye's, dog and the Southwood Automotive mascot. Marley was rescued by Nic in February of 2015 from AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) here in Calgary. Nic says: "I looked at him, he looked at me and that was it. " For an animal so mistreated he is absolutely lovely and although he may give you a bit of an unsure look he is definitely a gentle giant. Marley is at the shop with us every day and as customers get to know us they also get to know Marley.